Today, we’ve got a look at the super bright PD36 TAC from Fenix. This light offers a few different modes with a dedicated mode selector switch as well as a rear tail-cap switch and a side button as well. It offers a lot in the way of brightness, run-time, durability and more. Make sure you stay tuned to read and see how it compares to other lights we’ve looked at recently!

Product: Fenix PD36 TAC
Provided By: Fenix
Price: ~$99.99 USD at time of publication

First Look:

The PD36 TAC is a 3000 lumen, 21700 flashlight that carries an IP68 water rating and is impact rated up to 1-Meter. It has five output levels in “Duty Mode” and two output options in “Tactical Mode”. The switch and lockout options are available via a twistable switch on the rear of the light, while output and settings are adjustable via the rear tail-switch or a side button/switch located just behind the head of the unit.


As you can see below, the different output levels for the modes are broken down in terms of output, runtime and distance. At the brightest setting (Turbo), you’ll be limited to 1.5 hours of runtime at a distance of 274 meters, but at the lowest setting you’ll stretch the runtime out to 160 hours at a distance of 25 meters. For indoor use, or inside a tent, the ECO mode will do nicely – and it will last for 20 days at 8 hours a day runtime. Incredible!


Inside the package, you get a nice little presentation that all buttoned up and looks very minimalistic.


Once you open things up a bit further, you’ll find there are a few more goodies behind the white plastic that gets you everything you need to operate, wear, transport, charge and maintain this not-so-little light. Being that it takes a large 21700 battery, it’s not marketed as an EDC light – as is the LD30, but it isn’t so large as to prevent you from carrying it. It has a nice clip as well as a holster so you have multiple options.


On the next page we’ll take a bit closer look as we cover the features and specs.