DSC_1330Hey, I’m Benjamin Heide, a computer enthusiast and co-owner of BCCHardware.com.  This is my landing page/site where you can find more details about me and what I’m up to…on both a personal and professional level.  If you have any questions or complaints, please hesitate to leave the complaints in your outbox, but questions and helpful input is always welcome.

I have many things that make me happy including playing with new tech toys, motor toys and spending time with family and friends.  I’m not a party animal but I do enjoy having a good time and am often the one to get the party started.

I am involved in some public speaking events around the country and have been guest speaker at several youth conferences around Alberta.  I’ve spoke at assemblies in Indianna, Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado as well.

Life has been quite good to me and while I’ve experienced personal and family tragedy, I still keep my head high and my fingers on the keyboard as much as I can.