I hang out most of the time on my farm, or at IPSC Alberta matches and to stay up to date on this, please check out my Instagram. I still hang out at BCCHardware, but as time has changed, people aren’t interested much in readying written reviews and companies supporting this hobby/venture have faded a bit. I still post content there, but it’s fewer and father between.

BCCHardware has been around for a long time and was my “baby” and first-love when it comes to web projects.  BCCHardware is a tech news and review website that has a great community of readers that help each other figure out technology. 

InstagramI post a lot of shooting, firearms, camping, motorcycle riding, mechanical, and some nerdy networking bits on my Instagram page. This is where I can most easily share daily parts of my life. 

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Facebook  – While I still use and get notifications on Facebook, my usage of this media platform has waned as the environment has become quite unfriendly to free-though, actual tolerance and independent minds. I still check it and have some good, healthy interaction there, but it is getting less and less.

Wikiloc – Follow along on some of my adventure rides. Wikiloc is a place where a person can discover and share the best outdoor trails for hiking, cycling and many other activities.

YouTube needs no introduction and I watch many more videos than I upload.  That actually may be a good thing, but if you want to see what is new and cool at BCCHardware and with me, check out my YouTube channel for all the details.

My personal, YouTube account has more shooting videos and other personal stuff. I will be adding more this coming season as I’ve got new video equipment to make it better for you and easier for me.