While it’s not often that you need a manual to run a flashlight, the PD36 TAC is more than a regular flashlight and it might do to keep the information handy, until you’ve browsed through and understand how it all works. I particularly like the lock-out mode so that you can’t accidentally turn it on in your ruck or in your pocket.

It remembers where you were when you shut it off and in tactical mode you’ve simply got “high” and “strobe”. Pretty basic and very adequate. In Duty mode you can cycle through the output options that include a crazy “Turbo” mode with a 3000 lumen output as well as the “ECO” mode with a meager 30 lumen output.


At first, I wasn’t sold on the mushy feeling tail switch, but when you use it, the soft feel makes it easier to choose either the switched on, or the momentary on function. The 5000mAh battery has a built-in USB-C port and can be charged with a standard wall charger in ~4 hours. When the PD36 TAC showed up, it wasn’t fully charged and it took about 2 hours to get us up and running.

The side button has an indicator LED that shows charging status as well as battery level when the light is in operation.

Check out the brightness comparison in the video below.


This is the second attempt from Fenix at the PD36. The PD36R is a 1600 lumen light that uses the same 21700 battery using the SST-40 LED emitter that boasts a slightly farther throw distance at 938 ft. The PD36 TAC we are looking at today, almost doubles the output with a 3000 lumen boast using a SST-70 LED with a throw distance at 898 ft. – 40 ft. less than the first generation.

The PD36 TAC is a fantastic light as it has a physical twist switch to cycle between modes and is very intuitive to use. Other lights can have a long-press, double-tap or short press combo to change modes – which can be confusing and is often forgotten if not used often. The PD36 TAC simplifies that and is very easy to use.

More often than not, I use this in “Duty” mode at Medium or High, but when camping, I use the ECO mode often when in my tent or around the site at night. With the long run-time at lower output, I can easily get through a week or more of camping and well over a month of weekend shooting matches around Alberta.

I’m a bit of a tactical junky and the PD36 TAC hits pretty much all the right points. It’s easy to use, easy to switch modes and outputs and thanks to the battery that has a built-in USB-C port, it is easy to charge. It’s not too large, and is just big enough to house the large 21700 battery allowing for incredible output and run-time.

I’d like to thank Fenix-Store for sending this light our way to look at. If you’re thinking of a gift for your favorite Patriot, this is tough to pass on. It’s a solid light that does just about everything right.