Summer is here and Olight is kicking off their summer sale today! If you’re looking for a few new products to get you exploring with confidence day or night, make sure you check out the following quick article to see their Open 2, Obulb and MR2 Pro Warrior in action. These are great lights that serve different purposes as you’ll see below. If you want to check out all the details of the sale and save a bit extra, head on over to their sale here: Olight Store and use coupon code “BenjaminHeide” (no quotes) to save an extra 10%.

Summer Sale



Keep reading to check out the specs, details and more of the lights on the following pages.


Olight Open 2:

The following information has been pulled from Olight’s product page for the Open and posted here for your convenience.

Open 2



Light or Write:
As Olight’s first pen with light, OPen 2 is a pen and a light union as well, which can help you write in the dark.

Separable and Dependable
The 2-in-1 product is separable as two parts that can work independently and excellently. The pen writes smoothly and the LED flashlight delivers up to 120 lumens, which are ideal for writing in the dark.

Efficiency and Safety
With a built-in 110mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the light can run as long as 10 hours and can be fully charged in less than an hour.

Details Bring Inspiration
Smooth L-type bolt action button is able to pop out and retract the tip in a quick and safe way. 4 adjustable modes adapt to your needs.

Light and Convenient
Lightweight for everyday carry. Stainless steel pocket clip tightly clamped with shirts or jeans pocket makes the OPen 2 suitable for outdoor use.

Gift for Concern
OPen 2 is ideal for ones who need to jot down notes in low light conditions. It’s a concern for you or someone you care about.

Exquisite and Practical
Exquisite and elegant appearance with unique dynamic spiral textures. With small size and two functions merge into one, OPen 2 can help you explore more of the unknown.


Technical Details:


On the next page, we’ll cover the details of the Obulb.