This past weekend, I had the opportunity to head up to K-Country and shoot a couple of IPSC matches (more of that to follow in another post), and after the Saturday match, I decided to hit the road, head up Powderface trail and do a little exploring on some forestry/logging roads. I didn’t get too high, but I managed to put on 180km and climb 3000m that evening. I rode from BTSA to Elbow Falls on the main trail, then on the way back, found a logging road and headed up there for some quiet time and supper away from everyone. The ride was pretty easy, which I was grateful for after the long day at the match, but it was still spectacular. Once I dropped south from the range, the sky and smoke cleared up and there were some nice views.

So glad to have the CRF300L Rally, and glad I loaded her up for the ride to camp, shoot and do a bit more riding. It was a great weekend with friends, teammates and also a bit of alone time up in the fresh air.