Once I had my engine guards installed, I figured I’d better hit the trail and see if they’d rattle lose. Good news, they didn’t! I did take on a bit of a ride though and while the views were incredible, there was a lot of decent road – albeit gravel/rock – to ride on and not quite as much trail as I’d hoped. That being said, from Dutch Creek on, it got pretty wet, a bit rugged and more closed in. That part was exceedingly enjoyable, as was the heard of mountain goats I woke up on the ride out. They were more scattered at the end of the day, but I managed to get another decent look at them. I didn’t take any pictures, but you can see them in the video on the ride as I had my GoPro Hero 9 recording highlights along the way.

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Check out the video below, or skip down and catch the amazing views!

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