I live in the flatlands of Alberta – the prairies – but they aren’t as flat as you they look from the highway (ask three buddies I took hunting this fall (two of which were first time hunters)). There are a lot of rolling hills, and they have their own beauty, but nothing compares – in my mind – to the beauty that is winter in the mountains. I found a hotel deal and Tia and I took off for a few days to Canmore to relax, enjoy the sights, go hiking and maybe enjoy a couple of fine Cuban cigars (me, not my wife).

View from the Suite

We had an amazing view from our suite and combined with a balcony, a fireplace and all you can drink Coke Zero, a good time was had by both of us. The scenery was spectacular, the company was wonderful and having feet up by the fire was incredible.

Below are a few mores pictures of this wonderful three-day getaway with my honey.

I need to do things like this more often!