I’m a fan of shooting sports – both the fast paced IPSC Action Pistol Shooting as well as long range bolt action rifle shooting. I’ve attended exactly one match in my life at the beautiful Alberta Full-Bore Rifle club, but am fortunate enough to live at a place where I can stretch out to 1000, 1200 and even 1760 yards. Check out the video below of a shot with my custom R700 in an MDT TAC21 chassis. I’m running a Triggertech Special Trigger set as low as it can go, and looking through a Leupold VX-3i LRP with the CCH reticle. This is a deadly combination that has helped feed my family, protect my farm from predators and given more than a couple wonderful days on the range.

While some may argue that the 308 Winchester cartridge is “long in the tooth”, it still works incredibly well and packs a punch. Video is of a 1200 yard shot. Wait for the “ding”. Keep in mind that the bullet reaches target long before you hear the “ding”, it just takes a while for the sound to get back.