I’ve been asked to put together a “Spring Gear Guide” by supporters of BCCHardware and while I will publish the guide there, I am also going to be expanding the reach of my personal / adventure blog as well. We’ll be covering some useful bits that make each day out and about better.

Bike Packed for a 2-match weekend

Last year I had the opportunity to spend many a weekend at IPSC matches all over Alberta – from Lethbridge, Brooks, Taber, Canmore, Kanasaskis, Red Deer, Edmonton and even as far north as Fort McMurray. While I didn’t ride to ALL of them, I did ride to most of them on my bike (especially the Ft. McMurray – epic ride!). The struggle was packing a couple of firearms, ammunition, clothes, tent, bedding, food, coffee, extra shoes, fuel, tools, rain gear, chair, and more. It’s quite a lot to pack on a motorcycle with the bedding and tent being the most bulky. I learned to be a master at Tetris, but still there was some gear that I couldn’t do without – and some that I picked up post season that I’ll be showcasing in the upcoming gear guide.

On the ride pictured above, I left around 10:00am to head out east for a 2-day match. It’s only about 150km, but I made most of a day of it, and headed south and west. I drove through Waterton National Park, then skirted the USA boarder on my way east, swung up through Lethbridge and then headed over to the match in Brooks after I chalked up 700km. It was a beautiful day, a great ride and a chance to use my (then current) gear. Stay tuned for more goodness!

For now, I leave you with a few images that shows why I love what I do. Farm, ride, shoot and camp. Amazing! I know I’m blessed and do not take it for granted.