I’m just trying out some ustream action today so if you have a chance to come watch and chat, that would be fantastic to get your feedback on this service.  I’m not sure how much we’ll be doing in the future, but it might become an integral part of BCCHardware.com . . . then again it might not.

Do you think that streaming media for mainstream users is what they are after?  I enjoy streaming media, but am not sure if it’s something that interests other users.  Please post your thoughts in the Comments to this post.  I’d like to hear your feedback – even if it’s negative in this regard.

Are things like Youtube benefitting hardware sites and their readers?  It’s an interesting medium, but I don’t believe I can convey the results of a product test through a 5 minute video and believe that the written word still has a lot of merit.  I’d love to hear though if you think sites like 3DGameman has a great idea and if you gain enough product information from a short review.