It’s All Good!

Things have been wicked busy around the farm, with the family and at lately.  I’ve just written another review and this time I had a look at a nice little iPod Touch case from PowerSupport that promises to keep your Touch looking as classy as the day it was new.  It seems to be pretty decent, but the best think about it is the rubber grommet for the connector.  The connector typically gets full of dust and debris, and this keeps it clear.

Other noteworthy stuff that is going on around here is the new Folding @ Home clients and our BCCHardware Folding@Home team.  Stanford has recently launched some new software that uses your GPU to process data and these are bloody fast – if you’ve got a Radein 2×00 or newer or a GeForce 8×00 card or newer.  If you’ve got something you’re not using all the time – head on over and join our team – 33009 and start Folding for Humanity!