I know I stretch that headline a wee bit too much but frankly I’m choked right now.  I was expecting a package worth several hundred dollars to arrive on Friday and I waited around until about 4:55pm (business closes at 5:00pm).  Nothing showed up so I left – with the owner of the store staying until 5:15pm wrapping up the weeks business.  When I got home, I got an email stating “Package Status Delivered”.  Odd.  I called the business to see what was there – and they hadn’t received anything.

Upon closer inspection of the Fedex tracking status it seems that they said the business was closed at 5:00pm (not) and so they “Delivered to address other than the recipient”.  The proof is below.

What’s more when I phoned Fedex to inquire about this issue, they said the guy who signed for it was named “X” with his last name spelled “X”.  Sweet.  I’ve talked to business along both sides of the street and they never saw anything.  Moral of the story.  Fedex delivers to X.  X, whoever you are – you suck.