It has been an absolutely crazy month around here, but I was able to head out west into Kananaskis Country with the family and took a half-day hike around the Sheep River Falls area.  This was an exceptionally good time as my boys are old enough to enjoy the outdoors and put in some good hiking without whining.  I honestly never thought the day would come.  My wife was armed with the Flip Mino UltraHD and I was armed with my Nikon D90 and we all got some interesting shots and footage along the way.  I tried taking a nice slow exposure of the Sheep River Falls, but without a neutral density filter, I could only get so slow.  The picture below was taken at f/25 with a 1/13 shutter speed.  What makes this shot impressive is that it was hand-held – no tripod and the VR lens worked well enough to take a crisp image.

Over in the Social Stuff, I’m taking down Last.FM as they now charge a monthly fee to listen to internet radio.  I’m replacing that with my Zune details, as I’ve been a Zune Pass and Zune Social member for a while now – and love it!