Things have been going very well at BCCHardware (my alter ego site), and this year we’ve seen growth that has impressed and amazed us.  Not only have we reached the magic “Six Million” hits a month, we have signed up a few new advertisers and sponsors.  It’s pretty darn incredible that it all started out by modding a few cases and posting some daily news.  I’d like to thank you all for making what it is today.

As part of our growth, we’ve added a new staff member – Regina McDougal – and she’s been invaluable in terms of editing photos of all the hardware that we review.  The amazing thing is that she does this all gratis. What’s even more fun is that she’s a Call of Duty: World at War player and it may be true that she has a long way to go before she p0wns me, it’s still a lot of fun to lay the smack down online.

I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve actually joined a clan – TDRClan and have been hanging out with the likes of Onion, Ratmeat, HooRah and others.  It’s been a good time to take a break from technology reviews, research and writing and just shoot something.  If you play CoD 5, drop me a line and add {TDR}BCCZeus to your friends list.