I’m happy to be taking a break from the rat-race/madness that is my life here in sunny Southern Alberta and heading down to see the in-laws. Unlike most people (at least stereotyped people), I get along quite well with my in-laws and will enjoy getting away. We do have at least one day planned for a trip to Yellowstone National Park which is a mere 45 minute drive from Livingston, Montana where we will be staying. I’m taking my D90 and hope to get some good pictures of geysers, waterfalls, wildlife and more.

On this trip, I’ll be trying out some neutral density filters as well as logging my pictures with an on-camera GPS system. I just hope my 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 lens is fast enough for some distant shots of wildlife. If I can get close enough, I’ll be shooting with a 50mm F1.8.

My camera bag is packed and ready to go, and this will be the first real test of my LowePro Fastpack 250 and my Ideapad S10e. It should be a fun trip and I’ll be sharing pictures on my Flickr stream.