Weekend Steel Challenge

I was fortunate enough to spend some time this past weekend making a little noise and ringing a little steel with my nephew. We attended a non-USPSA steel challenge match where we were grouped in super small squads and had a chance to shoot all 8 stages of the steel challenge. What makes this “non-USPSA” is that that they don’t have all official targets and while the 10″ and 12″ plates are reasonably accurate, the large rectangle plates are actually quite a bit smaller and are in fact USPSA targets.

Either way, it was a great chance to get away, have a little fun and mingle with some like-minded individuals. This is the first time I took out the sweet upgraded blaster from Forge & Facet Jewelers and only the second time I’ve had the 10/22 from my good friends at Korth Group out to the range. I learned that I need to put in more work. It’s been so long since a competition has been held here, that it was really hard to get and stay in any kind of “Match Mode”.

For my steel challenge ammo on my 10/22, I’m now exclusively using ELEY Action. It’s subsonic, slick and just works amazing. It’s affordable to boot!


On the short gun side of things, I loved using the upgraded sidearm with the Cheely grip & magwell, ambi-safety, charge handle and other bits from Double Tap Sports and put together by Matt Porth at Forge & Facet Jewellers

FYI – Glad I’ve got great optics from Leupold on both of these!!!