I shoot IPSC here in Alberta (https://ipscalberta.com/) and I love the Open Division. Open Division is pretty much the Formula 1 of pistol shooting. Usually, the guns are quite expensive, they are tuned right to the point of reliability and it’s fast. I started out in this Division shooting a custom Glock 34, but at the beginning of last year, I was given a used 2011 Millennium Custom gun that won my heart and improved my standing. I hadn’t shot a 2011 prior to this, and it got me thinking…

Fast forward almost a year and a 9-month backorder, and now I have a STI Staccato P that has undergone a bit of work. Thanks to the kind tutoring and supervising of Matt Porth from Forge & Facet Jewelers, I’ve done a few tweaks to this gun to make it perform and feel better.

I’m still waiting on one more part to make this shoot flatter, but when running some nice and heavy pills that I’ve actually cast from wheel weights, it feels so soft and sweet. There will be more to come and I will do a bit of competing with this gun in the upcoming IPSC and USPSA season.

Upgraded and updated parts include a magwell and SVI trigger bow from Forge & Facet Jewelers, a shielded safety and mag release button from Double Tap Sports Canada and I’ve put on some slim, angled base pads – also from DTS. These base pads allow the firearm to “fit in THE box” which is a standard unit of measure for competing in the IPSC “Standard” division.

I will have some fun this summer trying this little guy out.