While it's true that I hunt to feed my family, it's also true that I love nature. There is something amazing about being out doors and seeing God's beautiful creation and observing the wide open spaces around. This is why I love Alberta. Within minutes of my home, you can easily see herds of mule deer, whitetail deer, elk and the occasional moose – and I live on the prairies. This, of course, is in addition to the badgers, squirrels, prairiedogs, coyotes, eagles, hawks, falcons and a myriad of other creatures.

I do love Alberta. God. Nature. Hunting. Guns, and the freedom to partake in these pleasures on my land and around the area.


This young guy was quite curious, but has a few more years ahead of him before we invite him over for dinner. In the meantime, he gets to follow around some ladies, shed, scratch his antlers on the trees (which I heard him do while I was quietly working at the edge of the clearing). It's a good day to be alive – even though it was super windy.