Come to VulcLAN!!

Over at BCCHardware, we’ve wrapped up details regarding our annual March LANParty.  This year we are bringing back the “VulcLAN” in Vulcan, Alberta and are going for a record number of people.  We have some confirmed sponsors already and are sure to have a lot of prizes available again this year viagra est marche.  Last we we gave out an incredible $3,000+ in prizes to 40 people and this year we are hoping to do even better.

At this point our scheduled tournaments are going to be UnrealTournament 2004, Call of Duty 4 and possibly Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat Mod.  We will be updating the VulcLAN page as the event gets closer with more details.  Please head on over and sign up here if you’re interested.  There will be people coming from Western Canada and the USA so make sure you’re there for the fun.