CES 2009 has come and gone and we were there to cover the event.  There were a lot of products and companies represented and BCCHardware tried to cover a wide array of products in order to appeal to many different readers.  We managed to cover everything from BFG’s new Phobos system to mobile stuff from Sony Ericcson and BlueAnt.  We even got to spend some time with ViewSonic and iBuyPower.  It was a good show and you can check out all the coverage here; picture galleries are here if you just want to browse.

One of the highlites of the show for me was the Tiger Direct Build A PC Race for Charity.  I got a chance to build a system and although I broke a couple of the cheap tool-free drive rails, I still managed to build a PC in 7:20.  It was a good time and you can check out our coverage of the event here, and pictures in the Flickr photostream here.

While in Las Vegas, I picked up an unlocked Nokia E71 phone and will be using Qik for quick little video updates on products, happenings and other information around BCCHardware.com and my life.  This is a nifty little service that works very well and simply puts live video streaming into the hands of almost everyone.

Life was busy before CES, but this year marked our absolute best year ever in terms of meeting people, getting informaiton on new companies and spending some quality “face time” with companies that have supported BCCHardware in the past.  It’s amazing how far a Cuban Cigar goes in the USA.