Things have been wicked busy around here lately.  My real job has kept me hopping as well as helping Daniel of SLAGD with his house roof (weekend before last).  Regardless, products have been rolling in, and rolling through the shop before they roll back out and the last three reviews off the bench are as follows:

1) Cyber Snipa Battle Bag

This is a handy-dandy backpack that holds your laptop, some extra gear including a full-sized keyboard.  The keyboard is stored in a removable pouch and this makes the Battle Bag a great accessory for taking to a LAN.  Even if you don’t have a gaming laptop, you can still take a ton of gear on your back.  Sweet.

2) WMWifiRouter

This handy piece of software is designed for your Windows Mobile device and turns your phone into a Wifi Router.  It takes your data connection (EVDO, EDGE, 3G, etc) and pipes it back out of your phones WiFi connection and enables you to share your data plan with almost any wireless device.  Think of it as a free EVDO Air card.

3) Zalman GS1000 Full Tower Chassis

The latest review we’ve posted is the Zalman GS1000 case.  This is a great case that fixes most of Zalman’s previous issues and brings some great features to the table.  Integrated Hot-Swap SATA bays? Check.  Tool-less ODD and HDD installation? Check.  Good looks and silent performance.  Roger that.

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