August = Over

August was a very busy month at BCCHardware and while we didn’t have the most reviews posted ever, we are now up to 363 Reviews and growing.  We received a lot of new gear this past month and a lot of it is on the bench being tested right now.  For instance, we’ve got an ASRock A770-Crossfire motherboard about half done, have just plugged in the new Palit HD4850 graphics card, and have started the writing process on the Thermaltake DH101 HTPC case.  Below are just some of the toys we have coming your way in terms of new reviews.

The pile of gear shown above actually all arrived during the last week of August.  We’ve got a bunch more on the bench and a bunch more in the mail!  Anyone want a job?

Besides all of that, I’ve been busy drywalling and sanding in the basement – still working on finishing up the new BCCHardware office.