I’m off to Jamaica for the first time in my life and my wife and I are really looking forward to getting away from it all.  It is with a bit of sadness that we leave our boys behind, but we’ve never had a “real” honeymoon and after 11 years of marriage, I think she’s worth it.  The funny thing is that we are both gadget junkies – me worst of all.

We are both bringing a whole schwack-load of gadgets though.  I just picked up huge 9-cell battery for my Aspire One that should be able to net me 8+ hours of runtime.  Coupled with that is a shiny new “Eye-Fi” card that will be uploading pictures to Flickr.  You never know what I’ll take pictures of, so they are being uploaded in a “private” channel, but I’ll update them and make them public as much as I can.

Also in our gadget bag are a pair of Microsoft Zune media players.  I’ve got the 120GB one while my wife is happily jamming to her 8GB one.  Of course I’ve still got my iPod Touch though as it’s a handy dandy web-enabled device that we’ll be using for directions and such.  To top it off we are both packing a Nintendo DS Lite with R4 and EDGE cards installed to keep our gaming at a maximum.  It’s quite pathetic in a way that we are gadgeted up so heavily for a relaxing holiday.

The thing is we don’t drink, aren’t big into the party scene and definitely aren’t into the whole rum-swilling idea.  We’ll be doing some surfing, snokeling, and hiking.  I’m hoping to pull some more scuba for kicks.  I’ll let you know in by late next week if we over-gadgeted for this trip.  In the meantime, Jamaica here I come!