I recently picked up a 120GB Zune on a blowout sale for just over $200 making it one of the cheapest/GB players around.  I owned an 80GB iPod Classic and a 16GB iPod Touch at this point and was able to sell off my 80GB Classic for 75% of the cost of the new Zune.  My experience with the Zune has been a little frustrating in Canada and I will be posting up a bit of a guide in the future.

I can’t blame Microsoft or Zune though as I didn’t check to see if I could actually buy music or sign up for the Zune pass in Canada.  It seems that our Canadian CRTC has decided to block the Zune stuff at this moment.  It will be available this fall however, but if you’re impatient, make sure you stay tuned for full details.  In the meantime, check out the 120GB Zune wonder and the software below.

I really like the software interface and functionality over iTunes.  The only downside is that you need Microsoft (think XBOX Live) points in order to buy music.  That being said, purchased music is DRM free and that is a huge bonus.

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