Spraying (Drone-Eye-View)

I’ve been working in agriculture for almost as long as I can remember. I’m a third-generation farm-kid (not even close to a kid anymore – who am I kidding) that loves technology, shooting sports, bikes and more. The reality is that farming has been my job for pretty much all of my life. I grew up on a farm. Went to college, came back to farm with dad and when needed, I started working for a neighbor as a hired hand. I worked my way into managing the spread and have been doing that for close to 15 years. We’ve used auto-steer and GPS to maximize efficiency and also use a drone for scouting fields, identifying problem areas and more. It’s also a bit fun to be creative with it as well.

In the video below we are spraying a field prior to seeding in order to give our little seeds the best chance to grow strong and feed the world. My wife is at the controls for the first time ever! She did well when running this 120′ machine. This one does not have autosteer. It’s all up to the operator and she operates it pretty well!