Online galleries are fully of over saturated HDR pictures that consists more of exposure blending that actual “High Dynamic Range” processing.  Still, the effect is pretty interesting and if done properly – doesn’t look horrible and can enhance a photo.  The downside is that many people overuse HDR and saturate too much for an unrealistic photo effect.   While this is certainly good for illustration purposes – it isn’t always indicative of true “photography” – IMHO.

That being said – video has been left out of the loop – until now.  Soviet Montage Productions has posted up some HDR video that they achieved by shooting with two Canon 5D Mk II cameras.  In order to shoot the exact same image, they used a beam splitter to send the exact same image to each camera.  The end result is pretty interesting.

HDR Video Demonstration Using Two Canon 5D mark II’s from Soviet Montage on Vimeo.

Although the effect on buildings, traffic and scenery looks pretty natural – the effect on people is a little different.