is slowly coming together.  I’ve added some of my “Faves” that you can check out on the self-titled page.  There is always fresh news there from other sites.

PSUThings have been busy over at BCCHardware since I got back from Seattle as well.  We’ve posted up a couple of new reviews this weak and should actually have something for every day.  We have a lot on the go and should have a nice shiny new motherboard review for you shortly.  In the meantime, <a href="http://www prix viagra″ target=”_blank”>check out the latest review – a 1000W PSU from Zalman.

Below is a quote from the review:

The voltage is very solid with the Zalman ZM1000-HP.  It starts a little above the rated value and drops only slightly on any of the lines.  The highest 12v rail (12v2) drops 0.2v and levels off at 12.2v with a heavy load.  The 5v rail stays above 5v at 5.08v – down from the non-load 5.09v.  The 3.3v line is even more solid and we didn’t measure any drop in voltage when going from a non-load situation to a heavy 850W load on the entire PSU.