This is what I get for shopping without researching first.  When I was down in Seattle recently, I was bored and thought that a new game might be fun to play when I got back home.  I picked up the C&C First Decade pack to have something to play on my Thinkpad, but I thought something a little more intense should be fun on a more powerful PC.  I perused the titles and Devil May Cry 4 caught my eye.  I’m typically a FPS guy, but I like to experiment a bit so I thought this would be a good game.

It works best on multi-core and DX10 hardware so I thought I would be in for a treat.  I get home, install the game and discover that it’s seriously ported from the XBOX360.  I quickly remap some keyboard controls and find that the game cannot be played well if at all on a keyboard or mouse.  The key combination and “stick” movements don’t work out with a keyboard and mouse.  “No problem” I thought as I dug out my trusty old Logitech Wingman Rumblepad viagra 150 mg.  “I’ll use this”.  Not so lucky.  There are only trigger buttons on each side and not “shoulder” buttons as well.  Not only that, the game hates the controller and refuses to function properly – even after it was calibrated.

I’ve got a few options now as I can’t return the game. 1) Find a poor sucker who doesn’t know any better and pawn the game off for a loss.  2) Sell the game on eBay and have eBay scold me for selling an “M” rated game to someone who may not be “M”, or 3) Get an xbox 360 controller to play the game.

I hate voting with my wallet and I’m sick of having to buy stuff to play stuff, but I think I’m groing to break down and get a controller.  I won’t pony up for a wireless PC controller though as it costs about 2x as much as the game.  Cheapy wired here I come. . .