Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a complete and total nerd. It is primarily for this reason that is my hobby, my job and my passion. This year I was able to once again take some of my fellow BCCHardware Analysts and head down to Las Vegas in January to visit the Consumer Electronics Show. As always, Jason Schneider headed down and for the first time, our App Pick of the Week columnist and Photo Editor was able to attend as well.

Once again, we participated in the Tiger Direct Build-A-PC-Race for Charity and this time – BCCHardware (and Canada) took home the gold.  That’s right, yours truly was able to edge out the 2011 winner – Stephen Fung of FutureLooks and broke a “world record” by building and booting a PC into Windows in under 4:00 minutes.  My exact time was 3:53 seconds.  The best part about this is that I snagged the grand price cash and PC award and secured a $10,000 prize for the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.  This is awesome!

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