It looks like Canon is filing a patent to do some “good” in camera HDR in the near future and they have redone the way HDR is done in order to do this on-the-fly. Typically, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is done by post-processing a few different exposures onto a single image. Canon is doing things differently and now, you’ll be able to take photos like this or this photo by  a single click of the shutter.

Photography Bay has more details and the initial impression is that it will be pretty decent.  Time will tell, but I really like the ability to tweak and customize.  Having it done with a single click will take out the creative process and then it becomes a standard image like every other picture snapped.

According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, preliminary image capturing is performed using the image capturing unit, and the exposure time is assigned to each pixel based on the result of the preliminary image capturing achat de viagra sans ordonnance. Image capturing can thus be performed with a wide dynamic range without a loss of highlight detail and a loss of shadow detail.  – USPTO Appl. No. 12/630,594, ¶¶ 11 & 14