Duracoat v.s. Armacoat

Over the past couple of months I\\\\\\\'ve done up a few firearms for myself or customers using either Duracoat or Armacoat products and while this isn\\\\\\\'t going to be an in-depth review of the products, I thought I\\\\\\\'d aware some observations and thoughts... More »


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I had a bit of a chance to day to hang out with a couple of falconers that swung by to try their hand at some “Jack” hunting.  While their hunt was unsuccessful, it was still interesting to hang out with them and learn a little bit on how different birds hunt.  They had a couple of Hawks on hand as well as a Merlin and it was an interesting afternoon.

BCCHardware @ CWoB Conference

I was asked to speak at the Communities Without Boundaries conference at the Vulcan, AB location this past weekend.  The goal of this conference is to inform, support and encourage businesses to start, grow and expand outside of cities.  With rural broadband available, tech-based businesses have opportunities to start and grow in a rural setting where overhead is much lower.

I was part of the “First/Last Mile” session where people from Telus, Bell, The Internet Centre and of course BCCHardware were present.  There was some good information and while Alberta has the “Supernet”, and has patted themselves on the back for this initiative, the reality is that it is being deployed to the end user rather poorly.

You can check out my presentation below.

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344" src="http://www prendre du viagra.youtube.com/v/MQpNyKFx8Ic&hl=en&fs=1″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”>

The PowerPoint is available by clicking here: Rural Broadband PowerPoint.

The full speaker list is here, and you can find the entire raw footage over here.