Duracoat v.s. Armacoat

Over the past couple of months I\\\\\\\'ve done up a few firearms for myself or customers using either Duracoat or Armacoat products and while this isn\\\\\\\'t going to be an in-depth review of the products, I thought I\\\\\\\'d aware some observations and thoughts... More »


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Ultimate Camera Accessory

I’m a junkie…  It’s an addiction that I can’t put away and unfortunately costs a whole lot.  I’m talking about photography and although you can’t always chase after the latest and the greatest gear, sometimes there comes along a nifty piece of hardware or software that is worth the money.  I recently purchased the onOne software DSLR remote for my iPod Touch.

The beauty of this software is that it allows you remotely tigger your camera, adjust ISO, exposure, aperture and more – all from your iPod or iPhone.  If your camera is capable of “Live View”, it will also stream the live image through the lens to your iPod.  It sounds almost too good to be true, and at $20 for the “Pro” version, it is probably one of the cheapest camera accessories that money can buy.  That being said it’s super powerful – but there is one caveat – your camera must be connected to a Windows or Mac computer that in turn is connected to a wireless network.  This makes it not as handy out in the field, but still a nice tool – especially if you have a USB powered router like the Trendnet TEW-652TR Travel Router.

With that being said, I play to take it to Bonerak’ageddon this weekend in Lethbridge and should be able to upload some photos of the event to Flickr.  I’ll also try livestreaming some of the gaming and Windows 7 festivities on Qik.  Stay tuned.

Of Tidbits and Tablets

The New Year has arrived and I find myself somehow glad that 2008 is over.  It was a good year, but 2009 brings with it the 4th Anniversary of BCCHardware.com.  We have also just published our 400th review and there is a bit of a giveaway going on if you’re interested in getting free stuff.

Along with the 4th Year Celebrations, we have launched a new logo and have some other big plans for 2009 – one of which is CES 2009 in Las Vegas.

I’ve also just picked up a 10.5mm Nikor lens for my D60 and am pretty happy with it for the most part.  It has no built-in focus motor, but with a focus range of 2′ to 1″, it’s not that big of a deal.  I snapped the following picture with it late one afternoon.

Notice that there is very little barrel distortion on the edges of the picture.  That’s what separates a good fisheye from a screw-on attachment.

In order to better play with my photos, I thought I’d grab a Wacom Tablet as they were on sale after Christmas.  I first picked up the Bamboo Fun “Small” tablet (great unit for just about everyone), but I wanted a bit more real-estate so I went with the Bambo Fun “Medium”.  This unit has an active area of 8.5″ x 5.3″ (up from 5.8″ x 3.7″).  It comes with PhotoShop Elements 5, Corel Painter Essentials 3.0 and Nik Color Efex Pro 2.0 on the software side of things as well as a mouse.

The software will set you back almost $100, so the extra $70 I paid for the tablet, pen and mouse is not a bad deal at all.

With so many fun toys, it’s hard to want to get work done.  With CES happening next week, I’m sure I’ll be even busier.  Until then, Tidbits and Tablets!