Duracoat v.s. Armacoat

Over the past couple of months I\\\\\\\'ve done up a few firearms for myself or customers using either Duracoat or Armacoat products and while this isn\\\\\\\'t going to be an in-depth review of the products, I thought I\\\\\\\'d aware some observations and thoughts... More »


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Time Lapse at 1080p

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a celestial time-lapse video so the other night I decided to try my hand.  I armed myself with a couple of extra batteries for my D300s and braved some fairly cold weather.  For this test I “only” took ~500 frames that required just over 4.5 hours to complete.  Each frame was exposed for 30 seconds with a 1 second delay between each frame.  In the end I was pretty happy with how it turned out for my first test.  What I was not quite as happy with is the frost that gathered on my camera…  Thank goodness for a tightly weather-sealed Nikon!Movie Rings (2017)

Time Lapse Frame

Time Lapse – Frame #22

Frosty Nikon

Frosty Nikon

I know I’ve got a lot more to learn and can do a lot better the next time I’m out – but the point is – you need to get out there.  If you enjoy something – do it.  If you want to become better at whatever your passion is – practice.  When you’ve practiced some, practice some more.  Look at what other people are doing – not to copy them, but for inspiration.  Ask questions.  Learn.  Enjoy.

Check out the video below, and choose 1080p quality and try it full-screen…  It’s not the best, but it’s not bad for a first-timer!

In the end, be brave enough to share as well.  Maybe you won’t get glowing praise for each thing you do, but if you keep your “art” all to yourself, no one gets to enjoy what you can create.

D600 Fun

I love photography.  It’s no secret, and I love trying new things and playing around with my gear.  There is a danger to “chasing gear” where gear becomes the most important thing in photography and the art of the photograph, of composition, lighting and even post production get left by the side of the road – as long as a person has cool gear.

Gear is really one of the least important things.  As a camera, cell phones are horrible – when compared to DSLRs, yet there are some incredible pictures taken with the camera that comes with your phone.  This proves my point.  Truly the best camera is the one you have with you.

The camera that I have with me now however is the Nikon D600.  I’ve come to think of it as a the full-frame version of the D90 (a camera I still own and love).  It is replacing my D300s, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag on this “upgrade”.  The D300s is a Corvette.  It’s fast, works great, has a lot of options and is one of the best camera’s in its class – likely the best DX-format camera ever made.  The build quality is outstanding.  The feel of it in your hand is comforting.  I do love it.

The D600 though is more of a Cadillac.  It’s probably a better car, but you lose of the flash and zip of the D300s.  The build quality is not as impressive – and while I’m sure it will stand up to years of use, it still feels a little on the mainstream side.  It loses a lot of bracketing options, but replaces those with better dynamic range.  It’s a toss-up for sure, but as soon as you start looking at image quality – there is no contest.  The Nikon D600 is in a class of it’s own in that price range.

There will be more images from me shortly, but I thought I’d try and show off a few pictures that I’ve taken as test shots on this camera up to this point.  I will be heading out early this week – armed with this camera to a escape in Banff, Alberta.  Stay tuned.

Here’s the D600 Test Flickr set I’m working on.

Nikon D4 Launch

If you have a bit of time this morning (January 24), you can head on over to Kelby TV and watch the big unveiling and demo of the new Nikon D4.  I’m pretty excited about the technology although I won’t ever be able to afford this.  The interesting thing is that that it features a full webserver, Cat 5 network and a lot more.

More info about the D4 of course over at Nikon.