Duracoat v.s. Armacoat

Over the past couple of months I\\\\\\\'ve done up a few firearms for myself or customers using either Duracoat or Armacoat products and while this isn\\\\\\\'t going to be an in-depth review of the products, I thought I\\\\\\\'d aware some observations and thoughts... More »



If you’ve been following the latest LAN party thread over at the BCCHardware Forums, you may be interested to see what’s going on.  We managed to get 11 people in a small garage and have had a ton of fun playing Unreal Tournament 2004, and some other games.  No one is really sporting anything too crazy, but there is a couple of large (30″+) monitors on what we call desks/tables and such.

The desks have been put together with some plywood and 2×4’s and it’s been fun to get back into an old-school LAN.  Make sure you check out the Flickr photostream for all the pics.