It’s My Life

If you’ve got a nice camera – or any camera for that matter, you may wonder how many times you can pull out the card and plug it into your computer without wearing things out.  Quite a while ago I picked up an Eye-Fi card to accompany me on a trip.  This card doesn’t have the fastest write speed, but unless you’re shooting in burst mode in RAW, you probably won’t notice that it’s not as speedy as a Sandisk Extreme III card.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with Eye-Fi – it is a wireless SD card that plugs into your favorite camera and then wireless uploads your photos to your computer or your favorite photo-sharing site online.

This little beauty requires a bit of configuration, but makes life a lot easier.  I take quite a few pictures for BCCHardware and this card will upload them within minutes to my computer.  This eliminates my need to pull out the card every time I photograph a new piece of hardware or gadget.  It saves my SD door on my shiny new Nikon D90.

The only downside to the card is that it only comes in 2GB and now 4GB capacities.  Because of this, it will only hold 65 pictures when I shoot RAW+Fine JPEG.

Thankfully, spring has arrived in Alberta and with it the grass is starting to green up and soon there will be a lot more interesting stuff around to see and do – outside of my computer shop.  Stay tuned for lots of cool reviews from BCCHardware and make sure you check out my other social links above.

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